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BLACKOUT SUMMER song cover art
BLACKOUT SUMMER song cover art
Photo by: Morgan Burke

Emm K Releases her First Pop Song, "BLACKOUT SUMMER"

June 17th, 2022

After nearly a year in the making, Emm k’s first pop single, “BLACKOUT SUMMER” is released!

“This record is my 2nd recorded single since last August. This one is different than my brand, but how else is growth supposed to happen. I’ll leave nothing untouched as I continue to grow and develop my art”,

says singer/songwriter, Emm K.

Emm K made it apparent that this song was meant to express chaos, neon, and weird vibes. There was no set plan when it came to shooting the cover art for this single. However, photographer, Morgan Burke, was able to bring Emm K’s vision to life through all kinds of color and lighting. Glowsticks suddenly became Emm K’s best friend!

A music video and remix for “BLACKOUT SUMMER” are coming later this summer!

Listen here!