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*Includes everything from other packages and more*

  • Maintain a positive public image of the client and their brand
  • Develop a website tailored to client’s brand and maintain upkeep with it based on artist’s needs and requests
  • Assist in promoting overall image of client, in addition to song and album releases, show announcements, and brand deals
  • Book shows, events, and deals for talent
  • Tour management - map out tour(s) and assist in traveling, merch selling, and set up/take down at venues
  • Create media kits - a pre-promotional package of materials containing a bio and image of the artist with audience demographics, analytics of music streams, and previous accomplishments - for outreach to other labels, venues, etc.
  • Connect artist with other artists and label companies for networking opportunities
  • Assist in merchandise creation and distribution
  • Source of communication - able to mediate between talent and other companies as a representative
  • Assist in making artist’s overall goals a reality
  • Hold meetings to check-in with talent

You can book a consultation appointment so I can have a better understanding on what it is you are looking for and how I can best assist you.